The beginning of the beginning

halcyon /ˈhalsɪən/

adj. denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful

Unabashedly, I admit that the first time I encountered the word halcyon was only when I heard Ellie Goulding’s reissued album, and I also believe that that is how the word is most commonly used – as part of the phrase ‘halcyon days’. However, in my pursuit of blogging, I do not want to just reminisce about the idyllic and serene days but also remain in a state of peace and happiness, and hence, what you’ll be reading from here on are musings of a young woman on perpetual halcyon mode.

Things that I will share will not be any more novel or revolutionary than the amalgam of blogs out there, but if there is one thing I want readers to take away from my site, it is that happiness and victories can be found even in the remotest of places (literal and figurative), and no matter how bleak our days may be, there are little rewards to always be grateful for.

The halcyon mode is not utopic or illusive.

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